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We believe every African deserve to buy and sell on online marketplace with clear confidence and rest of mind.

To achieving this, MEDIGLOW NG does not allow the sale of unverified/fake/counterfeit products. Sellers found to violate this may be banned from MEDIGLOW NG  & may possible face legal sactions .

ALL products offered for sale on MEDIGLOW NG must be authentic.

We do not support the sale of inauthentic merchandise,  such as items that have been manufactured, replicated, reproduced or repackaged without appropriate authorization.

All items carrying a company’s official brand name or logo must have been lawfully made by, for, or with the consent of that company, otherwise the seller has violated MEDIGLOW NG genuine product policy.

It is the duty of every seller to source and sell only authentic products. If a seller is caught by MEDIGLOW NG to have sold any counterfeit product, MEDIGLOW NG reserve the right to suspend or terminate the seller’s ability to sell on MEDIGLOW NG immediately, indefinitely, and without warning; and current or future payments held by MEDIGLOW NG on the seller’s behalf may be forfeited, withheld, and applied towards the reimbursement of buyers.

If a buyer receives an item determined to be inauthentic, MEDIGLOW NG will not facilitate the return or replacement of this item to the seller and the seller bears the entire risk of losing the physical item, the monetary value of the item, and the privilege to continue selling on MEDIGLOW NG.

Sales of counterfeit products may also lead to civil and criminal penalties and legal action against sellers by the lawful owners of the intellectual property infringed upon, and MEDIGLOW NG will cooperate with the appropriate parties in holding the offending sellers accountable.

We take our responsibility to provide a highly safe marketplace for buying and selling online in Africa very seriously and this includes merchandise/products authenticity. Time after time we work hard to improve how we detect and prevent fake products from reaching our marketplace as our buyers trust that they are buying authentic products whenever they shop on MEDIGLOW NG.

 It’s our job to provide an online marketplace deserving of trust and this is why we stand behind the products sold on our site with our 100% Buyer Protection program.

We encourage anyone (buyer or seller) who suspects counterfeit product being sold on MEDIGLOW NG to notify us . We’ll investigate the situation and take appropriate action.

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